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aquatic partice
developed in Hudson River,
New Burgh, New York, USA, 2022

In August 2022, me and the artist Jahn Do, we visited local reservoirs in Hudson Valley, New York. The purpose of these trips was primarily to cool down during this hot summer. However, finding a body of water when there is a drought is not such a simple task. Due to the fact that most of the reservoirs were evaporated and had a low water level, the only thing that could be done was to float. This is how we practiced the technique of aquatic levitation, which allows us to fully devote ourselves to the forces of nature - Floater.
Floater is an aquatic practice where you hold your breath and float on water. It's not just a test of endurance, but also a way to relinquish control and release tension. The name "Floater" comes from an English word that means an object floating on water - something that is inert, does not sink, something that is not known whether it is alive or not.
During Floater, our whole body is submerged in water and we float face down or up, holding our breath and completely relaxing our muscles. This allows the body to surrender to the forces of nature and feel the gentle current of the water, which is constantly in motion. This state of inertia allows us to connect with our surroundings, to become part of nature.

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