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LAGUZ - video installation,
together with Nina Adelajda Olczak
GedserRes Residency, 2021-2022

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From the English-language article describing "climate catastrophe" in Wikipedia, we learn that, according to scientific reports, this event will not take place later than in the middle of the 21st century. These studies show that the climate will change so much that most people on our planet will not be able to survive in their latitudes. One of the biggest problems of the impending environmental disaster is acidification of waters and oceans due to pollutants leaking from the groundwater. 

Water is an element that connects people more than any other with the environment around them - from the oceans covering most of our globe to water, which makes up 80% of the human body. However it is also one of the greatest threats because of the rising sea level due to melting glaciers and disappearance of fresh water.

The video Laguz shows two heroines who live in two epochs, before and after the catastrophe. Water appears here as an element that connects the lives of not only the protagonists of the film, but all living creatures, because water has a life-giving and destructive power at the same time. 

*Laguz or *Laukaz is the proto-Germanic name for the rune "ᛚ" meaning "ocean" or "lake". In the runic alphabet, it symbolizes water, which is the basis of all life. Its esoteric meaning relates to the power of the subconscious, collective experiences, collective memory, the endless cycle of life.

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