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SIM Residency, Reykjavik Iceland 2024
performance with audience participation

ISA is one of the letters of the Nordic runic alphabet corresponding to the letter 'I'. It literally means ice, and metaphorically symbolizes patience, concentration, calmness, and composure. ISATERAPY therefore means ice therapy, which allows one to achieve a state of calm, concentration, and tranquility. This cold therapy involves exposing the body to temperatures around 0°C or below. It works largely on a physiological level - low temperature causes the contraction of muscles and peripheral blood vessels, which consequently reduces blood flow and slows metabolism. Ultimately, however, blood pressure increases, causing oxygenation of the entire body or the area exposed to the cold. After a session, muscles and blood vessels relax, metabolism accelerates, and the nervous and immune systems are stimulated.
The developed performance was based on performing an ISATHERAPEUTIC procedure on a selected area of the body of a person participating.


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