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GO WITH THE ODER FLOW, performance during

Festival of Pasieka Island

Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole 2022


The performance consisted in crossing a kilometer-long section of the Odra River in the center of Opole. 

For the inhabitants of Opole, the Oder is a place of recreation. However, there is no public beach in the city, and no one flows in this river. This is partly due to the belief that the water of the Odra River is dirty, and partly to fear that it is a dangerous river.

The collective memory of the big flood of 1997 is still vivid and traumatic. Dipping into the river and swimming a piece of it along the Pasieka Island - the central district of Opole - was supposed to disenchant this image. During the performance, I was swimming on my back and at the same time I was broadcasting on the Gallery's instagram, sharing what I see from this waterly perspective.

Transsmision on instagram of Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole.


Photos: Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole

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