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GLOBAL EXCHANGE OF LIQUIDS – DEFROSTING, 2020, series of objects and video, presented and awarded at the group show Salon Wiosenny, Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole, Poland 2021

The melting of Greenland's icecap is progressing at a rate of approximately 200 cubic kilometers per year. So what does the ice melt actually mean? The project GLOBAL EXCHANGE OF LIQUIDS – DEFROSTING stems from my reflection on global exchange of liquids due to man driven climate change. In a series of objects and a video I am contemplating the shape of Greenland - an island covered with permafrost on its way to become a green archipelago due to climate catastrophe. The island, stable when seen from the political perspective, slowly surrenders to the process of geological eradication. The series of works is a meditation on the shape of the island. In a book of several hundred pages, created as a part of the series, the shape of the island printed with gradually lighter ink disappears into oblivion. A feather duvet cover in the shape of Greenland is another attempt to preserve the outline of the snow covered isle. The project, developed while I was starting my winter swimming journey, is also a contemplation on a body memory concept - the shock of the body submerged in extremely cold water brings up the primeval images and instincts that are translated into the visual language. 

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