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AND FAUNA, series of video, drawings and ceramic objects,
New Burgh, New York, USA, 2022-23
Skan_20221121 (6).jpg

I have never seen so many trees in my life,' said Dale Cooper, approaching the town of Twin Peaks on the American-Canadian border. I had also never seen so many trees in my life, as I stood by the Hudson River. The flora and fauna were so lush that I felt like I was on another planet or had traveled back in time to before humans existed. I observed the nature of this place, studying it - drawing and filming. The incredibly tall trees with their wild, unruly crowns and the wild animals that come so close. The Douglas Firs and Groundhogs - icons of North American flora and fauna.

Agent Cooper didn't go for a walk to admire these captivating and uplifting trees; he looked at them through the window of his car. He marveled at the beauty of nature, enjoying the pleasure of circulation. The car rushing down the freeways symbolizes American culture of freedom. However, the collision of nature and culture can sometimes be terrifying.

The display  refers to the cabinet of curiosities. It  resembles more of a collection of natural exhibits or curiosities brought from the New World. The whole arrangement is a bit like a studiolo from the beginnings of the colonial era. The main attraction of the collection is a reconstructed skeleton of a swisher.

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