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REIE, performance, WERKstattPALAST, Karlsruhe, Germany 2022

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The name of the Rhein River comes from the Proto-Indo-European root reie-, meaning "to move, to flow", which is also used for words such as polish rzeka or english river. When looking at the river whose name refers to its essence of being in flux, it would be natural to ask where it is heading to? Especially when in the harbor (Rheinhäfen) which was meant to be a place that generates movement. But because of drought it is often that the Rhein is too shallow for barges. So it raises a question whether it moves at all?


On September 23rd I had a chance to plunge in the dark waters of Rhein in the Rheinhäfen Karlsruhe. It was a thrilling experience, that froze the blood in my veins for a moment. I believe that me and public we were trying not to give in anxiety and silently observe whether this body of water and my water body move at all.

This experience was possible thanks to ATO in the frame of WERKstattPALAST - phenomenal feast of art

Photos by Lisa Bergmann

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